19 reasons food is better than a relationship

Eating has been a habit since birth – and they always say that you never forget your first love.

Food is just so much more simple than 90% of things in the world. Love, stress and drama- no thanks babes – give me a burger or a pot noodle any day.

There are many reasons food is number one in my eyes…

1. If you fall asleep with food in bed it doesn’t steal the covers.

2. Food doesn’t snore

3. Food doesn’t judge you when you are slobbing around in your pants watching yet another Netflix episode. In fact it wants to join in.

4. Food is amazing at being consistent. You know exactly what you are going to get, and are never disappointed.

5. Food never answers back.

6. Food doesn’t expect a Valentine’s Day, birthday or Christmas present.

7. Food never argues with you.

8. Food never ‘forgets’ to text you back.

9. You don’t need to get dressed up or even shave your legs to enjoy food. Food is happy with you, just as you are.

10. If the food was lousy you don’t have to lie to the chef.

11. The food won’t complain if you go off it and don’t want any more.

12. You actually can and want to eat food every single day of the month.

13. The only protection you need with food, is a napkin.

14. And all food babies disappear after a few hours.

15. You can be as clean or as dirty with your food without any judgement or expectations.

16. You can mix and match your cuisines.

17. You can reheat your food when you want it in the middle of the night.

18. You can have food, anywhere, anytime of the day.

19. No one thinks badly of you if you whack out your food on the train home for work and devour it.

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