5 conservative sex positions for couples (18+ PHOTOS)

No matter how righteous a person can be, sex comes in at some point – with the exception of those who have taken oaths of celibacy.

After the years of being virgins, a Christian man and woman must consummate the relationship and have sex, at least to fulfil the command of multiplying and ruling the earth.

Now, many conservative Christians will be against positions they see as ‘debased’ like the doggy style for example.

Well, while this list has no actual scriptural backing, it was termed ‘conservative’ because the average Christian couple will want to honor God with their bodies, even during sex.

The five positions discussed below give them that chance to have sex in a ‘godly’ manner:

CLASSIC MISSIONARY – this is the standard position that most people take on. It is very respectful and face to face, with the woman lying on her back. It is considered very scriptural because it places that man on top, allowing him to lovingly pleasure his wife.

DOUBLED-UP MISSIONARY – this is for the younger, more passionate couple who are liberal enough to heat things up in the bedroom. It is more physical than the classic version and allows the woman to be more bodily involved, with her legs pushed back to her chest.

SPOONING-BLISS – this is for loving couples who do not have the strength to go for the physical positions and yet want to have sex. All they need to is to lay on their sides on a bed with the man penetrating from behind. It allows him to be the ‘man’, protecting while pleasing her.

CLASSIC WOMAN ON TOP – this is for the more liberal and sexually active couple. The woman practically rides the man from above and all he has to do is lie down and pump up once in a while. It is easy and very pleasing to both partners.

LAP-CROSS WOMAN ON TOP – this variation of the woman on top allows for more skin contact between the man and woman. So it can be said to a little warmer and intimate.

It must be noted that none of this sex positions are based on any actually Christian teaching.

Still, Christian couples can have great sex without being ‘debased.’

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