9 vital items your experiential marketing agency needs from you

You are a true partner with your experiential marketing agency. The agency needs your thoughts, feelings and input or else the final outcome could end up being far from your original idea. Here are 9 things you should plan to bring to the table:

1. Budget

First, foremost and most importantly how much money do you want to spend? No champagne on a Coca-Cola budget. There’s no use brainstorming grandeur to only be let down. On the other hand, your experiential marketing agency needs to think (and plan) big if you are too.

2. Budget Focus

Where do you want to spend that money? Clients sometimes want to focus budget on the newest mind blowing tech innovations, a special guest(s) performer, speaker or entertainer, or simply tons of cool swag to hand out. Virtual reality obviously costs more than a t-shirt cannon, so a focus needs TBD!

3. Campaign Goal

What exactly do you want to achieve with this campaign? Clients usually toy with targeting a certain demographic, creating huge buzz with things like flash mobs or attempting to instill a life long lasting unique customer experience. Many times it simply comes down to what will produce the highest ROI, and there is of course, nothing wrong with that!

4. The Typical Customer Persona

Who is your ideal customer? What age, where do they work, what are their hobbies, what is their budget? The experiential marketing agency needs to know whom you want to target, why they would want to use your product, and then they can back into how best to reach them. Let’s not target CEO’s and end up with teens.

5. Where

Experiential marketing revolves around events or places that a “hands on” experience is possible. Where are those events going to happen? Any specific cities, inside vs. out, theme park, on the beach, on the slopes, bar/night club, subway, mall, etc.? This can very closely tie to customer persona as it will be a direct indication of where your target population hangs out. Again, you most likely won’t find teens at a bar (legally).

6. What’s Worked In The Past?

If you have past experiential marketing events, the agency needs to know how well those campaigns worked. Did you get the attendance expected? Did it generate the buzz you wanted? Anything you’d like to change, improve or drop?

7. Your Ideas

It is your company being represented out there. If you have ideas, bring them to the table. Often times an experiential marketing agency can look at the ideas elaborate, improve and work with them. Best of all, they are a solid stepping off point.

8. What You Don’t Want

We can create mountains out of mole-hills but we are not mind readers. We need a starting point. You may have seen other experiential marketing campaigns that just did not represent the way you would want your company to be represented. The experiential marketing agency needs to know what you like and what you don’t like with either your experiential marketing campaign or ones you have observed in the past.

9. How You See It Integrating With Your Other Marketing 

Experiential marketing is often times part of a larger marketing effort. The agency needs to understand the larger campaign goals and tactics so the experiential aspect flows seamlessly within each other.

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