#BringBackOurBoys: Abducted Israeli teens found dead

Firstly, our hearts goes out to the families of these boys, and many other relations of victims of terrorism around the world. Terrorism is as a result of struggles for power using religions, most often, as a veil and no nation is innocent.

Isreali Defence Forces (IDF) troops on Monday located the bodies of the three Israeli teens who went missing on June 12 while hitchhiking in the Hebron area of the West Bank.

The bodies of Eyal Yifrach, 19, Naftali Frenkel, 16, and Gil-Ad Shaer, 16, were found in the Hebron region of the West Bank, not far from where they were believed to have been abducted.

Shortly before the announcement that the bodies had been found, the IDF said it was searching intensively in the area of Beit Kahil, north of Hebron.

The Israeli government had mobilized quickly on multiple fronts to locate the three boys, launching a massive social media drive using the hashtag #BringBackOurBoys, and enlisting international support.

Even Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas condemned the abduction and demanded the boys’ return.

Meanwhile, the IDF embarked on exhaustive searches of the West Bank, arresting dozens of Hamas operatives and ransacking the organizations offices as part of what it called Operation Brother’s Keeper.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had blamed the Islamist group almost from the moment the three boys went missing, and several days ago Israel released the names of two suspects in the kidnapping, both allied to Hamas.

The families of the three boys had also made impassioned public appeals for their return. Rachel Frenkel, Naftali’s mother, even appeared before the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva on June 24, where she told the 47-member body that she was living “every mother’s nightmare.”

Frenkel told the council that it has a duty to fulfill and “much more can be done and should be done by so many.”

On Sunday night, tens of thousands of Israelis gathered in Rabin Square in Tel Aviv to support the families and demand the boys’ return.

The Israel Police had come under fierce criticism after it emerged that an emergency call from one of the boys in the night they disappeared saying that they had been kidnapped was ignored. The police did not inform the IDF or Shin Bet that the boys may be missing until Gil-Ad’s father arrived at the local station at 3am, some five hours after their disappearance.

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