Kia partners with Uber to provide free rides

Kia Motors Nigeria has once again teamed up with the innovative technology platform Uber to provide a free ride to all Kia customers. Kia and Uber are both committed to…

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Guerrilla marketing is a breath of fresh air

As a society, it’s safe to say that we’re sick of advertising. We pay money for devices that can skip through commercials so that we don’t have to sit through…

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Branded painkillers? You’re just paying for the fancy packet, say experts

Britons spend an astonishing £100 million a year on cough syrup – when a glass of honey and lemon could work just as well, according to a new BBC television…

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Pet food brands woo new consumers with disruptive marketing

Believe it or not, cultural movements are being used to woo and win a new generation of consumers to pet food brands. People long to be part of something bigger…

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NPO aims to bring traditional Japanese medicine marketing to Africa

Eri Machii, a 37-year-old pharmacist, hopes a traditional Japanese method of marketing medicine will take off in Africa and help improve health care. The method is called okigusuri, in which…

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Marketing success means satisfying both external customers and internal customers (employees)

The satisfaction of the employees (internal customer) and the satisfaction of the buyers are equally important for a successful business entity , according to a veteran marketer. Ravi Jayawardena, CEO,…

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Heinz and Kraft merger signals ‘lean’ marketing approach for global brands

The Heinz and Kraft merger will form one of the biggest food and drink companies in the world but the prudent nature of the new owners signals a more cost-focused…

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The giant marketing opportunity you’re missing!

As the attention span of your target customer shrinks, it becomes increasingly difficult to get your message to them. Even if they happen to visit your site, they may not…

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Secrets of how these big brands made real-time marketing work for them

In the race to stay relevant, brands have tried (and tried … and tried) to create real-time marketing magic. But very few succeed. At best, their efforts come across as…

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Successful marketing plans leave room for flexibility

All the planning in the world can only take your marketing so far. An annual marketing plan should not be set in stone. This is your marketing plan, not the Declaration…

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9 vital items your experiential marketing agency needs from you

You are a true partner with your experiential marketing agency. The agency needs your thoughts, feelings and input or else the final outcome could end up being far from your original…

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