Daffodil Day targets €3.5m in new funds

Daffodil Day is taking place around Canada today to raise money for people with cancer.

The 28th annual event is the biggest fundraiser on the Irish Cancer Society’s calendar.

This year, the Society hopes to raise €3.5m, and will have street sellers in towns and cities across the country selling daffodil pins and merchandise.

Head of fundraising with the Irish Cancer Society Mark Mellet said the funds were vital to allow the Society support cancer patients.

“Daffodil Day is so important to make sure we can give (patients) the best possible support and services,” he said.

“We’re there helping to take them to their treatment and provide support on the phone, and even to provide financial support if needed.

“The Irish public want us to deliver those services. They want us to be there for those people.”

The Irish Cancer Society will also plant thousands of paper daffodils in the Iveagh Gardens in Dublin today.

Last month, more than 200,000 daffodils were sent all over Ireland inviting people to write a message of hope, rememberance or celebration for someone they know affected by cancer.

These will today be planted in a special Garden of Hope as part of Daffodil Day.

People are being invited to visit the garden and enjoy the display. BN

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