Election Countdown: Governor Okorocha, leadership tip and his bridge

A major disaster was reportedly averted yesterday in Imo state as a pedestrian bridge built by Governor Rochas Okorocha at Heroes’ Children’s Park collapsed while the governor was on the bridge.

The incident happened when the governor stopped over on his way to the Nigerian Union of Journalists Governorship Debate to interact with some students of Development Comprehensive Secondary School, Owerri, who were around the park when he came.

Trouble however started when Okorocha beckoned on the students to climb the bridge so he could teach and inspire them on how to become leaders.

No sooner had the governor started the teachings, the bridge caved in with the iron bracing of the bridge cut under the weight of the governor and the students and the students started shouting “Jesus! Jesus!!” out of panic.

The governor’s aides, especially the members of the security operatives, started shouting to the students: “Jump out!, get down!, jump out!”

In the midst of the confusion, the governor appealed to the students saying, “we’re too many here, please jump down”.

The was constructed two years ago by the governor’s administration.

Two weeks ago, the convoy of the governor was involved in a road accident that left several supporters of the All Progressives Congress (APC) injured.

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