How ISIS leader got Nigerian visa

More details have emerged as to how Islamic State (ISIS) leader, Ahmed Al-Assir secured a visa to come into Nigeria.

Al-Assir was arrested in Lebanon as he was making his way to Nigeria via Egypt.

The terrorist chief reportedly got a Nigerian visa due to an invitation from a foreign company operating in the country.

According to Daily Trust, the visa was issued by a Foreign Service official in Beirut based on that invitation.

Security sources also expressed the suspicion Al-Assir was heading to Nigeria to solicit support from Boko Haram leaders.

Al-Assir’s possession of a Nigerian visa is said to have caused severe embarrassment to the government and President Muhammadu Buhari has ordered a full investigation into the incident.

Immigration boss, David Parradang was suspended after the incident but the Presidency has denied that the visa issue was the cause.

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