How to talk dirty

  • "I love having sex with you." By confirming how incredible intercourse was when you're lying side-by-side afterwards, you reinforce your awesome chemistry and your satisfaction. And because his levels of the bonding hormone oxytocin peak post-sex, he's craving a feeling of closeness and connection.
  • "F--- me harder." Pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone with words like "tits," "pussy," or "f---" conveys that your boundaries are down and lust has taken over. You don't want to sound phony, so only drop an f-bomb if it feels right to you, and make sure your language matches your level of arousal, becoming more explicit the closer you get to orgasm.
  • "It feels incredible when you press your penis against me." Many guys have insecurities about their magic wand's size, shape, or appearance. So letting him know you love his penis boosts his confidence and gets him hornier.
  • "Oh god." This phrase lends sex a forbidden, taboo feel, while also indicating you're in a state of utter bliss. Unleash it during a particularly intense moment.
  • "I love the way you fill me up." Entering you is one of the most pleasurable moments of sex for a guy, because when he's pushing through your vagina for the first time, he feels like he's having a, ahem, big impact on you. Describing the sensation you experience when he penetrates you draws attention to the fact that you notice how huge and hard he is.
  • "Put your mouth on my breasts." Giving him a sexy command a la Christian Grey shows that you're confident, in control, and want to build the action even moreall huge turn-ons. Any sultry demand workstry approaching it like Mad-Libs ("I want to play with your_____." "Grab my _____.")
  • "I want you." Since the signs of female arousal are much more subtle than male arousal (you can clearly see when he's frisky), he's eager for any affirmation that you're hot for him.
  • "Your arms are so sexy." Unlike women, guys don't often receive physical compliments, so telling him what you love about his bod is a powerful ego boostand aphrodisiac.
  • "You're an amazing kisser." Not only will this deepen intimacy during foreplay, but since guys are performance-oriented, positive feedback emboldens him, heightening his arousal.
  • "What do you want me to do to you?" Asking him what he needs from you proves you're open to changing things up. Also, if you're talking dirty for the first time with your guy, this phrase is a good way to ease into conversation and gauge how naughty he's ready to get.

Arousal isn’t only about touch—according to experts, the sexy phrases you whisper, moan, or scream trigger a neurochemical reaction that gets him hotter for you than ever. Yup, this dirty talk—we start slow and build up to the racier stuff—should do the trick. Never wonder what to say in bed again.

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