How Will Google’s New Parent Company, Alphabet, Affect You?

Google surprised the tech world this week by announcing the creation of Alphabet, a new parent company that encompasses everything that was previously Google. But unless you own stock in Google, there’s no need to panic, or get too excited about share prices.

If you don’t own a piece of virtual Google real-estate, more than likely the best thing you can do is shrug your shoulders and just carry on with your life. (Meh; author shrugs shoulders himself.)

alphabet structure copy-2

Google is much more than just a search engine, (and not the actual internet itself…) owning several different tech companies including Boston Dynamics, a robot design company. For most of us though, our involvement with Google begins and ends with Google Search.

Alphabet will apparently enable Google’s original founders, Sergey Brin, and Larry Page, to more easily invest in other tech related ventures, such as their self-driving cars project.

The need for a reordering of things at the top of Google may well be because ‘Google’ itself has become just too synonymous with web surfing, having as it does a 70% share of the search engine market.

But Google as a company has become so much more than the search engine that Brin, and Page, launched way back in the last years of the 20th Century. For anyone reading this born after 1999, then yes, there was a time when Google did not exist.

So how does this affect your ability to surf the web?

Here’s the thing: It doesn’t, and doesn’t look like it will at any time in the future either. The Google search engine isn’t affected and will continue to work in much the same manner as it always have.

The only difference between Google and Alphabet is that Google has a CEO in Sundar Pichai, and is owned by Alphabet. Time will tell what real effect, if any, this has on browsing the web, and in the tech world in general.

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