I sold hawker’s body parts for N8,500 – Ritual killer

A-35-year-old suspected ritualist, Yewunu Tanlaju, who reportedly killed a 17-year-old girl, Taye Gusinu, in Ogun State said on Monday that he collected N8,500 in exchange for the severed head, intestines and two hands of the victim.

This is just as the victim’s father has said the law must be allowed to give him justice, otherwise he will apply jungle justice if the suspects are released by the Police.

The Ogun State Commissioner of Police, Ahmed Iliyasu, who paraded three suspects involved in the crime at the Police Headquarters, Eleweran, Abeokuta, also paraded some suspected criminals arrested for various crimes across the state.

Tanlaju said he lured the victim, who hawked puff-puff (doughnut) by buying N40 worth of the goods from the victim, before he killed her and removed some parts of the body.

Explaining how he killed the victim, whose severed parts were also paraded, Tanlaju confessed that he slaughtered the girl after tying her down with a rope.

The suspect also confessed to have earlier killed a 40-year-old woman, adding that he collected N10,000 for the earlier delivery.

He said: “It was this man (pointing to another suspect, Olusoji Asamo) who told me to bring human parts.

“It was at that time I saw the girl selling puff-puff in one school.

“I called her, bought puff-puff from her.

“While she was leaving after selling puff-puff to me, I seized her from behind, tied her down and slaughtered her myself.

“She attempted to shout, but I blocked her mouth.

“This is the second person I have killed.

“It was in the same area, but I was not caught then.

“It was the same Soji that requested for human parts then, although I didn’t know what he wanted to use them for.

“When I delivered the parts, he gave me N8,500 because we have not agreed on any amount.

“But it was N10,000 he gave me when I delivered the first parts.”

A herbalist, Asamo, who bought the human parts, denied giving out the contract.

The 27-year-old herbalist, who is also a nephew to Tanlaju, said: “It is true that he brought the human parts to me, requesting for money rituals.

“I collected the parts from him with the intention of reporting the case.

“I didn’t report to the Police because the police station was far from our area.

“I was the one who took the human parts to Joyi Suru and gave him N8,500 so that he will never be suspicious.”

Iliyasu said the arrest of the suspect followed a complaint by the victim’s father, Jimoh Gusinu.

Iliyasu said the arrest was successful with the collaboration of the Ogun State Command of the Vigilance Service of Nigeria.

Jimoh Gusinu, while speaking with newsmen, demanded justice according to the laws of the land to avoid jungle justice.

He said: “The government must also kill them; they are from Tube and I am from Ijofin.

“We ply the same road and I cannot afford to see Police releasing them.

“If I set my eyes on them, I will not be happy and I will attack with whatever I can lay my hands on.

“Therefore, the full weight of the law must be allowed to take its course.”

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