Integrity as a key success factor in media monitoring

There is an old saying that moral courage is the much-needed bodyguard of conscience and character, but what will you do if an important client or a boss asks or expects you to do something that you know is wrong? The general rationalization is that man’s highest ethical duty is to his family (or maybe himself) and that he owes it to them (or himself) not to lose his job or jeopardize the next promotion opportunity.

This argument is always available and therefore trumps any concept of personal integrity or a duty to your family, yourself, your company and the community to do what is right not what is expedient or easy.

To be sure, the risks of asserting integrity to a client who prefers blind cooperation or a boss who prefers obedience are real because people with power often retaliate when they don’t get what they want. This can be very difficult. ol’VICTOR OJELABI does an x-ray of Compliance and Content Monitoring (CCM) Limited and the integrity of business in a decadent environment.

Still, moral courage is the much-needed bodyguard of conscience and character. The personal costs of putting integrity on the line are so high that once you descend the slippery slope of moral compromise, it’s hard to resist the inevitable slide.

In the business of media and content monitoring, integrity is the most important ethic of the profession, bearing in mind that the data gathered would be used by clients and agencies to make vital decisions that determine the success and sustainability of the future of their campaigns, brands and companies.

A lot of agencies believe that punctuality at a business meeting or prompt delivery of campaign report is all that is required to assume that they operate with high level of integrity. Much more than these aforementioned operational policies, we really need to understand what business integrity is all about and operate at that unique level.

The Nigerian environment is quite challenging for any company to play on the integrity front with corruption deep into the fabric of public and private business operations, legislature and government, but Compliance and Content Monitoring (CCM) Ltd says, “We know that we have a tough game to play and we take the responsibilities in this regard very seriously”.

To help ensure accuracy in reports, and given the very large number of research projects requiring ethical clearance, the company implements a number of automatic checks and procedures and all her staff are so familiar with the science of media measurements and analytics.

In July 2013, the company expanded its coverage from 160 stations to 260+ stations spanning 31 States & the Federal Capital Territory. Thus CCM arguably has the widest terrestrial station coverage in Nigeria overtaking others on adequacy of monitoring three years of business operation.

In response to her clients’ needs, CCM is adding more stations on the satellite front and foraying into the digital media and with CCM’s conviction of long term success and sustainability being dependent on integrity, she has wired integrity into her values and has committed to living it daily working with her clients and other stakeholders.

A content producer, who craved anonymity professed to the accuracy of CCM’s technology to prove carriage and compliance to media orders and certainly would not compromise to fix compliance issues. Some media stations have had interactions with CCM‘s technology in dispute resolutions and have come out convinced that CCM reports are quite accurate and brings sanity to the poor relationship between agencies and media owners.

With its advanced technology now tested over the past four years, CCM records free-to-air signals 24/7 and monitors over 260 terrestrial stations from 30 locations spanning 31 States and the FCT. CCM intends to cover the whole of Nigeria by end of 2015. Recorded data is transmitted into the centre for searching, reporting and archiving on a daily basis in Lagos and weekly from remote locations.

Within four years of existence through her professionalism, handling of clients’ concerns, motivating her people and leveraging her technology, CCM leads in the delight of her customers. CCM management believes in partnering with the industry stakeholders to lift standards in the advertising industry.

With the increasing fragmentation of the media, media strategy, planning and monitoring can only get more interesting and creative, only innovative and nimble companies that move with high sense of urgency will win.
Mr. Tunde Onadele, the chief executive officer of CCM says, “It is a marathon, there are miles to keep. We have a supportive board that is willing and believes in long term investments and we are excited that it is possible to withstand the pressures of change and revolutionize the industry”.

He says further, “CCM believes in serving its clients and helping them take good decisions every time”.

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