Interesting difference between male and female sexual desire

Sex, when it is not forced as in rape, is a function of arousal.

Especially for the man, sex (penetration) is impossible without physical arousal, signified by a turgid penis that can enter the vagina.

Men are more readily biologically aroused than women because desire for them is tied mostly to physiologic arousal – they see a great female body and react with an erection.


Women on the other hand more influenced by how they feel about their bodies and the relationship with their partner. Many women often require genital stimulation to get aroused.

It is easy to immediately see a man’s sexual arousal by the bulge in his pants, ready to go at a green light while the woman is weighing the situation, the connection, and the aftermath.

This is the reason why men are more readily available for one night stands, friends with benefits relationship and non-committal sexual relations.

It also explains why in most cases, women are the first to make emotional connections in a sexual relationship than men.

Could this be the reason why they say MEN THINK WITH THEIR D*CKS?

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