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Jessica Simpson: Nearly nude in new perfume ad!

Jessica Simpson lost 65 pounds recently, and the bride-to-be is looking better than ever these days.

Luckyly, Jessica enjoys showing off her newly trim figure – and whether she’s posing for fiance Eric Johnson or posting bikini selfies, her pictures are always worth looking at as much as she enjoys taking them.

While she’s been flaunting her post-baby body for months now, Jess took “revealing” to a whole new level in an ad for her latest fragrance, Feathers.

“Cleavage” is not an adequate description for what Jess is showing off here. In fact, is there a word word for covering your breasts with a few wispy, strategically placed feathers.

You just invented a new form of semi-nudity, Jess!

Of course, there’s a proud history celebs getting their sexy on in order to promote perfumes and colognes, but for mother of two, Jess may have just taken the top prize for hottest fragrance promo.

Jessica’s getting married on July 4th, and from the looks of it, she’ll be ready to treat the aisle like a catwalk.

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