Jindalee State School launches online magazine to promote fete

CAPTION: Jindalee State School P&C president Stephane Bowker and students Chelsea and Jack Johnson are excited about their new online magazine, The Dirt. Picture: Josh Woning.

Forget banners and letterbox drops, one Centenary suburbs state school has taken promotion of its upcoming fete to a whole new level.

For the first time, organisers of the Jindalee State School fete are keeping the community up to date with a bimonthly online magazine, The Dirt.

Marketing and promotions co-ordinator Stephane Bowker said the initiative was about actively engage the community and keep people informed.

“This is a way to get people excited and also get the word out about what we need,” she said.

“Because it’s online, it eliminates printing costs and it lets us reach a lot of people.”

Ms Bowker whose background is in marketing and graphic design said the magazine allowed the organisers to offer sponsors great benefits in return for their support.

“It’s great value for the sponsors,” she said.

“The magazines are set to come out every two weeks leading up to the fete on August 30.

Ms Bowker said each editions will highlight exciting aspects of the event which hopes to raise more the $60,000 for the school.

A program and map will be included in the edition just prior to the event.

Fete organisers are still looking for businesses interested in sponsoring the event along with donations of jars and wadding.

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