Look out, Hillary. There’s a new champion fundraiser in town!

That would be Ted Cruz, the Texas senator who announced his foray into the Republican presidential field on Monday.

And if the Democrats were hoping that mainstream Republicans were going to be like John McCain and be turned off by Cruz’s conservatism, they’re going to be very, very disappointed.

Cruz managed to raise over $2 million in the first three days of his campaign, a surprisingly high number. His campaign also announced they plan to raise between $40 and $50 million by next March, when the bulk of the primaries and caucuses are set to begin.

According to Sen. Cruz’s campaign manager, Jeff Roe, the campaign has started by trying to “build engagement” with Republican demographics through targeted web advertising.

For instance, the campaign has gone after religious conservatives with ads talking about Cruz “bringing … faith in God back to America.”

Another ad, which went after Second Amendment and gun rights supporters, showed a grandfather teaching his grandsons to hunt.

The strategy has apparently worked, as the $2 million was pulled in mostly through smaller donations.

Although he did conduct a fundraiser in New York City, Sen. Cruz’s strategy has been to go after small donors, who can give up to $2,700 for the primary campaign (H/T Newsmax).

By and large, most of the big money donors have lined up behind establishment favorites like former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush. But, as you can see by the total from the first three days, it doesn’t seem to be hurting him much.

And, unlike Hillary Clinton, Cruz isn’t raising money from foreign donors.

It just goes to show that Republicans will actively support real conservative candidates. Unlike Jeb Bush, whose warmed-over version of Mitt Romney’s abortive agenda hasn’t excited the conservative base in any way, Sen. Cruz has serious ideas and actual conservative bona fides.

No wonder he’s getting so much money.

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