Weep Mandala
Mourn Mandala
For your child

At this side of aso
As the holy eucharist
Burrowed hallowed holes in heaven
Blood splattered
Like cold harmattan fire
Laughing out our grief

Mourn Mandala
As children wept for their mothers
Sisters for their brothers
And fathers wore their grief with pride

Weep Mandala
For your child
Who was glamorously conscripted
Into the hall of unsung heroes
by the soothing claws of death

Your neigbhour, in the porch villa
In obvious fake orgasm
Of shock, pain and grief
Sputtered a bad rhetoric
“Let the dead
Bury their dead”

As the tumblers kissed
To the chorus of
Merry Christmas

Could they have survived?
Asked the man in black beret

Only, if Edet’s House
Had not fallen
To the ignoramus who thought
Knowledge is haram

Mandala weep
For your child
Wear your grief with pride

© Adeoluwa C. Adekunle
Image source Isaac Ola

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