Mimi Faust Tries To Clean Up Her Image After Sex Tape Leak

“Love & Hip Hop” star Mimi Faust is finally making love not war and her partner in the slime is her co-star and boyfirend from the reality show.

Vivid honcho Steve Hirsch said he got hold of the sex tape starring Mimi and Nikko Smith, and then contacted them to sign off on it going public. He says “Love & Hip Hop” producers also gave their blessing … presumably in an effort to spice up the reality show for next season.

We’ve seen clips of “Mimi & Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta” … it’s the real deal and it’s intense. It’s scheduled for release later this month.

As the saying goes, when all else fails … make a sex tape.

However, Mimi is not finding it funny. Although, according to her, she has nothing to hide, but she still wants to preserve her good name in the face of her sex tape scandal.

0411-sex-tape-mimi-launch-2After Nikko made women’s collective skin crawl by eagerly (if not gleefully) watching their home movie with a sobbing Mimi, the professional organizer has seriously started thinking about damage control. He’s a creep for sure, but she’s got a business to think about!

On the next episode of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,” Mimi is seeking some help from a media trainer named Richelle. She’s the closest thing that ATL has to Olivia Pope; she’s even got the same hairdo!

“I have a lot experience in dealing with touchy situations,” Richelle explained on their first meeting at a restaurant.

Mimi has no illusions about the fact that she’s about to be bombarded with questions and criticisms once the tape goes public. For someone that wasn’t ashamed of what they did, Mimi seems more than a little frazzled. Richelle, however, suggests that Mimi toughen up in order to be a strong example for her daughter.

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