Nigerian villagers defend selves against Boko Haram

According to the report, four villages in the volatile north-eastern Borno state, where the terrorist group kidnapped nearly 300 schoolgirls from Chibok in April, were ransacked by the militants over the weekend.

Unconfirmed reports said about 40 civilians and 6 Boko Haram members were killed as the villagers clashed with the insurgents. The group reportedly also targeted one church, according to the BBC.

An eyewitness told the news agency Boko Haram attacked Kautikari village near Chibok, where the militans spent four hours setting homes alight and shooting sporadically. Another witness said 20 insurgents arrived in a pick-up truck and on motorbikes.

“Initially I thought they were military, but when I came out they were firing at people. I saw people fleeing and they burned our houses,” the man was quoted as saying.

“Smoke was billowing from out town as I left.”

Civilians in the north of the country are particularly vulnerable to Boko Haram, who seeks to impose an Islamic State in Nigeria. The military has little access to that part of the country and the militants are free to operate almost anywhere.

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