Nigerians seek government care for women impregnated by Boko Haram members

Some Nigerians have called on the Federal Government to ensure that women who were impregnated by members of the Boko Haram while being held hostage are taken care of.

Hundreds of people mainly women and young girls have been rescued by soldiers who have control of territory initially controlled by the insurgents. Some of the women, held captive sometimes for several months, were already pregnant when rescued.

A Nigerian resident in United Kingdom, Oluyomi Soyinka, said the pregnant women should be relocated because of the stigma.

‘The Federal Government should look at ways of setting up a department to look after the would be mothers and their children when they arrive,” Mr. Soyinka said. “The mothers will have to be counselled and educated or trained on a vocation; I also suggest they are relocated because of stigma. The children should be looked after and trained by government from birth.”

In her remark, Dupe Olaoye-Osikolu, a journalist and Chairperson of National Association of Women Journalists, Lagos, said authorities should allow journalists talk to the rescued women.

Bidemi Osunlalu, a nurse, also called on the government to take full responsibility for the women and their children when they are born.

In her reaction, Femi Shodunke asked the government to ensure the Boko Haram members still at large are made to face the law for their crimes.

“So with the devastation, in terms of loss of lives and property, and myriad of injuries inflicted on hapless residents of North Eastern Nigeria, members of the Boko Haram sect still have time to engage in rape and uncontrollable sex, to the extent of impregnating 214 (and more yet to be rescued) girls in their custody, thus destroying their lives?

“To me, these bunch of idiots, animals, and demented human beings deserve no pity whenever they’re caught and punished extensively. They don’t deserve any amnesty, at all,” Ms. Shodunke, a Nigerian journalist resident in Canada, said.

Also, a medical doctor in Ogun State, Jimi Dipeolu, suggested that any of pregnancies less than 12 weeks be aborted.

“I think the best and safe option is to terminate all the early pregnancies by competent and trained doctors or gynaecologist at a federal government hospital free of charge,” he said.

Mr. Dipeolu called for expert counselling for those with late pregnancies to overcome any trauma associated with the pregnancy.

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