Olashore Int'l School: Developing future leaders

21st of June, 2014 will always be a day to remember for Nnabuihe Chukwuka when he stepped on the podium on that Saturday morning to render inspiring speech in the presence of the likes of Larry Ettah, GMD/CEO, UAC of Nigeria Plc, staff, parents and other students of his alma mater, Olashore International School.

Ofcourse, less could not be expected of Chukwuka, being the outgone head prefect of the school.

Derek Smith, Principal/CEO, OIS

Derek Smith, Principal/CEO, OIS

However, the former head boy was not the only person with good stories to tell about the school, so also were the other 88 future leaders, graduating with him.

“Studying in Olashore International School is very efficient with respect to safe and serene environment, friendly staff, efficient facilities and extra-curricular activities. My colleagues and I used to complain about the stress we had to go through but in the end, we realised that we were actually being moulded into young people who are to take on the world and effect changes positively,” said Muyiwa Yusuf, another graduating student.

The school, covering 242811 square meter of land with thirty two classrooms, and boasting of enough state of the art facilities to make it complete as a modern community, has always emphasised the development of responsible, disciplined individuals who possess the ability to think clearly, logically and independently as participating members of a democratic society right from the point of entry into the school.

In his address to the Class of 2014 Year 12 students, the principal and Chief Executive of the school, Derek Smith said, “Olashore has moulded you through your academic endeavours and wide ranging talents to give you the skills and experience to be leaders in the global society. Therefore, I’m confident that the Olashore values of honesty, service and honour which you have imbibed over the six years will be your foundation in the years to come.”

Students on educational trips to South Africa and United Kingdom recently

Students on educational trips to South Africa and United Kingdom recently

Olashore International School is a learning community located in Iloko Ijesa, in Osun State, southwest Nigeria, committed to academic excellence, nurturing each child to their full potential in a safe environment, developing future leaders for the dynamic global society.

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