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On Buhari’s #anticorruptionfight

In response to Pastor Elishab Ime-James allegation imputing that PMBs anti corruption fight is focused only on PDP, HRM Babatunde Ogala retorts!

“Pastor Eliashib Ime-James, what are you suggesting sir? Is Murtala Nyako , the Past Governor of Adamawa in PDP? Is Senator Nyako who is also currently standing trial in court in PDP? Mrs Toyin Saraki is currently being investigated for her actions while her husband was governor. Is Senator Bukola Saraki in PDP? Why are you not being hounded because you are in PDP? Bros, abeg find something better to spin. This one can’t sell. However, are you suggesting that he should also apply quota or political divides in prosecuting the war against corruption? I am surprised that you didn’t say all this being investigated are from the south south? Could that be because they are mostly northerners? That is what I expect you to protest. That the investigation doesn’t have a national spread since there are no people from south south being prosecuted or investigated. Or that it does not reflect religious diversity. I thought you would have advocated that the investigation and prosecution should include more Christians since it seems skewed in favour of Muslims. Bros, you fail for this one o. You proposition is skewed.” – ‘niyi Akinsiju

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