Sai Buhari theme song composer cries out!

After dropping the wave-making ‘Sai-Buhari’ theme song that the All Progressive Congress (APC) blasted across the length and breadth of Nigeria during all the rallies for General Mohammadu Buhari’s presidential campaign, it is surprising that the songwriter, performer and the artiste behind the song, Ojetayo Oluwadamilare, popularly known as Ajakaye is now appealing to the leaders of the party to compensate him.

While the APC’s fate had since changed for the better after clinching the presidential seat; same can not be said of the artiste, as he continued to wallow in abject poverty, according to an online portal,

The artiste, who was reportedly sighted on a motor bike in Ile-Ife, Osun State claimed he could not yet afford a car.



The media shy ebony dude, graduate of Agric. Extension Services, from the College of Agriculture, Lafia who is getting set to be mobilized for the compulsory one year NYSC Service, emphatically stated that he has not received a kobo from the APC leaders and candidates, especially a rally organised in Osogbo for the presidential rally, where Bukky Wright and other Nollywood Stars swamped his stage.

He said he is ready to tell anyone who care to listen to his plight to help him appeal to the party to give him adequate reward for his intellectual property.

The Oke-Igbo, Ondo State born unassuming but highly ideological and politically inclined upcoming hip-hop act, Ajakaye, whose song was rated by online jury as the most popular political theme song in 2014 said he is yet to be settled by the party.

Click here to listen.

“Everybody that listened to my music or the way my song was being blasted nationwide during the APC campaign would believe APC had settled me while the party pay heavily to T.V and radio stations, Dee Jays, Voice Over Artistes who cut the jingles, as well as other artiste and performers who mimics my song”, he said.

He appealed to the likes of Mohammadu Buhari, Ahmed Tinubu and others to reward him adequately and facilitate his meeting with incoming Nigerian president as he would wish to mount the stage at the venue of the inauguration ceremony in Abuja come May 29th.

“If it is true the APC party is not paying a lip service to fighting corruption, they must compensate me adequately because copyright infringement is the worst form of corruption in our nation, so they must reward me immediately”

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