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Sailing a leaking ship!

Written by Adeolu C. Adekunle

Apparently, the drama and melodrama unfolding from the theatrical stage of the Peoples Democratic Party [PDP] is getting intense by the day. The party’s woes seem elusive to every remedial measure the troubled captains come up with. Every move appears to escalate the daunting problems confronting the party.

Naturally, one would expect the lots of the party to turn around following the resignation of the embattled party chairman, but the reverse is the case. While the news of his resignation went virile on the social media, pundits, political observers and the laymen on the street were apt to agree it was far too late and ill-timed. Many times in human history, man’s inactions often turned or metamorphosed into a horrible monster that hunts down its master. Dr. Bamanga Tukur, the former chairman, was a malignant left untamed for too long.

If a leader allows his selfish and unguided greed to overwhelm his sense of reasoning, responsibility and capability to lead, his focus and vision would be eternally impaired. The Nigerian Governors’ Forum crisis was perhaps one of the numerous indications that the presidency has since lost focus. After few lips-servicing and unconvinced moves to resolve the crisis headed for the rocks, reconciliation became a child that died at birth. Perhaps President Goodluck Jonathan wouldn’t have made any move at all, had there been no public outcry and his claim to the principle of rule of law been questioned and still is!

Intrigue is part of what makes politics interesting, suffice it to say lively. But the impeachment attempt on the Rivers State Governor, Hon. Rotimi Amaechi was definitely a political blunder. I liken it to a scenario, in which one who cannot get rid of a headache cuts off the head. I could recall such move was part of the factor that made him governor during the regime of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, but such impunity is no longer popular.

Is Alhaji Ahmadu Adamu Mu’azu trying to ask how the PDP found itself in this troubled storm? Is he feigning ignorance of it or is the job so overwhelming? Let him be reminded that the leadership of the party burnt numerous bridges of redemption.

Had Dr. Tukur resigned when the Alhaji Abubakar Kawu Baraje faction clamoured for it, just maybe the problem wouldn’t have been this knotty. Perhaps, if he had been prevailed upon and stopped from contesting as the national chairman, when the court ruled that the executives of the party were not properly elected and ordered it to convention, a rejuvenated PDP could have emerged.

The monumental walk-out ever recorded in the history of Nigerian politics was staged under the nose of Mr. President. It was absolutely appalling how the leadership of the party handled it. A serious minded or proactive leadership would have sought a convincing and unbiased means to resolve all grievances rather than stage a show of shame on the pages of the dailies and wasting tax payer’s money. Observing the numerous events that gradually loosened the grip of Nigeria’s most populous and Africa’s biggest political party, the depth of rottenness in our system as a nation and as an individual becomes very clear. And I’m forced to ask, where is the value that drives development? Where is the will and uprightness that sustains the value? Where is the courage that triumphs over evil? Does Nigeria have leaders who can truly demonstrate these attributes?

The G5 Governors were simply asking for a system that works. A system, where all could achieve their aspirations without fear of persecution and marginalization as was clearly the case with Alhaji Tukur. The leadership was too deep into slumbering and could not see the crack or they were too proud until the opposition harvested three out of the five governors. Alhaji Mu’azu’s secret and open plea can not undo the grave errors long committed by his predecessor.

Political analysts did argue that the PDP that won election in 1999 and 2003 wasn’t the same that won in 2007. The party’s woes began around this period when it experienced exponential growth. However, it was around the same period the leadership of the party began to throw principles and worthy values overboard, allowing greed and unquantifiable selfishness to take the place of institutional good. Once the core values of the system became gravely compromised, redundancies crept in.

How can Alhaji Mu’azu pick up the ruins and lead PDP to electoral victory with less than ten months to the general election without gross electoral abracadabra? Does Alhaji Mu’azu possess the wit to save the PDP? I have lost all strength to prevail on my inner self’s constant harassing question, where is Mr. Audu Ogbe? The erstwhile party chair, who predicted the PDP, will rule Nigeria for 60years. Just what would his stake be in the current situation? Does he think the PDP can still remain in the saddle for 60months?


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