Sex scandal: Sorry Kendra, you can't have it all!

It looks like Hank Baskett, who has been accused of cheating on his wife, could be headed towards a divorce from bombshell Kendra Wilkinson, who was once a Playboy girl and reality tv celebrity. According to a new tabloid report (that even published photos to back up their claims), a transsexual sex scandal may have been revealed.

Despite having a new baby recently, it looks like there could be trouble in paradise for the couple. In fact a number of tabloids have claimed that Hank cheated on his wife and has moved into a hotel.

kendra-wilkinsonhank-baskett-ava-sabrina-london-transsexual-mistress-hush-money-how-kept-affair-secret-sqThe latest rumors got started on Friday, when Baskett was spotted leaving his home and checking into a nearby hotel. A source from National Enquirer broke the story on Radar Online, telling the gossip news site that Baskett was seen with another woman:

“Hank was wearing a royal blue NBA shirt and long khaki shorts. He got out of the Jeep with a woman who appeared to possibly be one of the couples’ baby nurses because she was wearing a medical type uniform…They went into the office of the motel and then pulled the jeep around to the other side where their room was located. Hank appeared disoriented and downtrodden. At one point, he kicked the ground.”

Unfortunately, these aren’t the only allegations Hank finds himself facing. In the July 7 print edition of Star, the publication accuses Hank of hooking up with a transsexual named Ava Sabrina London.

However, unlike the majority of their articles, the source chose not to remain anonymous. In fact, it was Ava Sabrina London, herself (?), that made the claims to the tabloid, telling them:

“[Hank Baskett] called twice before we met in person…He said he couldn’t believe my photos were real…he seemed nervous. He told me I was the only transsexual he had been with…He was holding my p—s when he ejac—-ed. He c— really fast.”

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