This silence!

This silence
I thought would be a respite
This quill I thought will dance-less
But this eye can’t pretend not to see

At Yanyan the love birds perched
Chipping sweet sad songs
Even the machine sang sadly
Too busy they couldn’t hear
The howls and agony of death to come
Dawn came alive impacified
Boom… boom was all death needed to stung
Yanyan had been enlisted

Soon the emperor
Our shoe-less lad
Emerged from his chamber
To shed crocodile tears
His usual trademark

A grand disaster yet loom
At Chibok…
A child’s death is better than a child lost
So is the parlance of our elders

Should I now be silent?
Before me this carnage spread
The blood of my brothers
Flood the park pool
The agony of my mothers like a scar

How can it not dance?
I breathe corruption as the air
See impunity
Ball with injustice
Should I watch
And write not

Peace be far from me
If I write not
Peace be far from you
If you stand not


© Adeoluwa Adekunle. September 2014, Lagos

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