'The Zero Theorem' poster banned due to nudity

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) bans “The Zero Theorem” poster due to nudity. The one-sheet shows Christoph Waltz in his birthday suit floating into space. A female who also seems to be naked is seen reaching for him.

“Zero Theorem off to a good start in the US thanks to the Motion Picture Association of America’s censors,” director Terry Gilliam wrote in a Facebook post. “They have banned our teaser poster because of a bare butt. Your thoughts, please.”

The film has already opened in the U.K. and will expand to the States later this year. It follows an eccentric and reclusive computer genius who works to solve a mathematical formula to discover the very purpose of existence or the lack thereof. It is only once he experiences the power of love and desire that he is able to understand his very reason for being.

Earlier this year, a poster forSin City: A Dame to Kill For” is also banned by the MPAA. It features Eva Green wearing a sheer robe.

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