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Whoops! Selena Gomez’s Pasties Are Clearly Visible on the 2015 MTV VMAs Red Carpet


Selena Gomez is taking a note straight from Miley Cyrus’ playbook.

Well, maybe! The star stepped out at the 2015 MTV VMas as part of the dreamiest squad on the red carpet (oh, you know, just her, Taylor Swift, Cara Delevingne, Gigi Hadid, Mariska Hargitay, Lily Aldridge and Karlie Kloss among others featured in the “Bad Blood” video) in a clingy black dress that, well, showed a little too much when the cameras flashed.

That’s right—the pasties are out. Despite the boob-baring mishap, Selena still looks pretty amazing (which is of note, considering the formidable lineup of stone-cold beauties she came with). The sheer, leather-trimmed number brings to mind her turn as an ass-kicking assassin in Tay’s music vid (and that was probably the intention).

Pasty slip-up or not, this is one squad that we’d sell our souls to be part of. Seriously, we’re talking fierce times 10: From Taylor’s rainbow crop top and pants combo to Gigi’s plunging yellow confection, we almost didn’t know where to look first. (Selena solved that problem for us.)

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