Why May D allegedly beat up his baby mama

Last week, news of Ile Ijo singer, May D, allegedly beating up his baby mama, Debola made head­lines.

Debola, who is the mother of May D’s 2-year-old son, Olamipoju, sent popular blogger, Linda Ikeji, an email about the domestic violence she suffered while she was still with the singer.

According to her, she was with May D for eight years and it all began while they were still both students in Babcock University. De­bola explained how she made sacrifices for him, and how that she gave up a semester tuition fee to pay for his studio sessions, all in the name of love.

May D has been silent since these allegations.

Accord­ing to a source close to the singer, May D allegedly became violent because he was no longer getting money as he used to when his name was virtually on the lips of many. “I won’t say I blame him anyway. It’s not funny when someone who could afford a lot of things can no longer live a comfortable life. He’s not been able to drop any hit song for a while now so, money hasn’t been coming in as such. And you know, some men take out their frustration on their women, which ought not to be so,” he said. When asked about the frequent cheating escapades Debola alleged he engaged in, he said, “That’s normal for most entertainers. They cheat! So, Debola should have taken it lightly instead of getting angry.”

The source went further to allege that May D is hot tempered and a control freak, “He didn’t allow her work or make friends as such. She was always in the house, taking care of their son and tending to his needs. She almost didn’t have a life of her own. I think that and the fact that he gets angry at the slightest opportu­nity and beats her up, got the poor girl fed up,” he revealed.

May D

May D

Speaking on Debola’s alleged passing out when­ever May D beats her up, our source admitted that the artiste’s temper was becoming uncontrollable. “We are all scared for what he’s turning into. Down times are part of life. You never can tell, things can improve at any time so, he should have been grate­ful for the kind of girl Debola was to him. Entertainers need those who have been there from the scratch with them, around them, not these girls who come around you when you have money,” he concluded.

Speaking more on the issue, another member of the singer’s camp Oreoluwa Akinbode, his cousin who is also part of May D’s management team spoke to Punch on the issue on behalf of the singer saying, ‘the truth is that the news has been out for a while and I haven’t spoken to anybody about it and May D has not either. When we read the news, we were shocked because it is false. We have spoken to our lawyers and our PR team and they have something they are working on. We want anything that would come out to be the official statement of the company. We don’t want to release individual responses. Aside from being his manager, May D is also my cousin. Anything I say can be considered to be a statement from both his management and brother. That is why I am skeptical about going into details’.
‘Anything that will come out will be from our lawyers or PR team. We want it to be official. Funny enough, you do not need to hear from May D before you know that he does not beat women not to talk about the mother of his child. If you followed the news, a lot of people replied on May D’s behalf that it is not possible without us saying anything. Anybody that knows him one on one knows that he is not capable of such. She is still the mother of his son and because of that, we have to be cautious. We need to think of the family and that is why we need to be reasonable at this point. I don’t know why his baby mama would put out such a story about him. It is a personal relationship between them’….

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